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I Can't Believe It

Tommy Talton


I Can’t Believe It (I’m Going Home)



I used to think this was a place to play,

now there’s a lesson learned both day and night

it’s all simple in this clear hindsight,

two wrongs are never gonna make a right

I’m goin’ home, I can’t believe it I’m goin’ home

No, I can’t believe it I’m goin’ home

Wrapped in a reason that won’t leave me alone

I’m goin’ home------------------------

I stood like stone in a quiet room

and stared at pieces of a life once lead

she was an angel to me, she turned my head

And I was moved by everything she said,

I’m going home, I can’t believe it I’m going home.

What else can we do, but try to be true

I’m goin’ home ------------------------

Miles D. is on the back burner,

It looks like I have been a real slow learner

Still, there’s something here that feels old school

And it’s seeping through and it’s leaning to the cool

And I’m goin’ home, I can’t believe it I’m goin’ home

I can’t believe it I’m goin’ home with a silent goodbye and a tear in my eye,

I’m going home

And I can’t believe it, I’m going home, Can’t believe it, I’m going home

As I laugh in the night I call to the sky ‘take me home’………

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